Hi I’m Heather – welcome to Shoe Envy!

This is where I’m supposed to tell you Shoe Envy is my baby but my real baby is Snoopy. He’s a horribly spoiled, semi-naked cat who has been the shoe “snoopervisor” since he was a tiny little alien..

Me and Snoopy

Shoe Envy is definitely my passion project though and I do love my shoes!

Stuff about me and Snoopy

Firstly, I don't run Shoe Envy full time (I wish I did). This is something I do undercover of darkness at night or on weekends around my day job.

I have a few cool people who help me with things like graphic design occasionally but other than that, I basically do everything, so when you deal with Shoe Envy, you're talking to me 😊

I do design all the shoes and my measure of a good design is do I want to wear it myself? I haven't worn a non-Shoe Envy shoe (except on the basketball court) for years now so I feel like I'm nailing something. I hope you like the shoes too. 


Snoopy is spoiled rotten and he's also a bit famous. He has his own comic - which  you can check out here. He's also the face of a crazy cat shop called Kitty Shop of Horrors - which you can check out here.

Naturally, he's a freaking DIVA. I have another cat called Leah, who is a total smooch-ball and a retired breeding cat but she doesn't get a look in with the modelling gigs because Snoopy is an attention whore. 

The shoes

I used to wear 6-inch platform heels to work every day because I like being tall and it makes your legs look like they go on forever (an extra six inches, to be exact) But then I hit 40...

These days I need to be comfortable because my knees and my back remind me every day that I'm over 40. So I design shoes that have the same level of kick-ass fabulousness as all the huge heels I used to wear but they're just at a sensible, comfortable height. 

Why Shoe Envy is animal friendly

Well I love animals, so that's the main reason. I used to work for WWF and also World Animal Protection (previously WSPA) and this opened my eyes to a lot of terrible things people to do animals. This is why I don't use any animal products in the shoes - they're completely cruelty free.

I also donate a portion of all profits to animal welfare charities and to organisations helping restore sight to blind people in poor countries - because these are things that I'm really passionate about. At the moment, Shoe Envy is pretty tiny but one day I'd like to grow it to a place where I can really change the world. Every time you shop here, you're helping me get there!

Join me!

Stick around! Wear some great shoes and feel comfortable and stylish at the same time - it is possible at Shoe Envy. This is our whole thing. Help us make the world a better place. 

Sign up to our VIP membership  and we'll also give you a little welcome present 😊

And if you're wondering why I’m sitting down in that picture above) it's because I can't stand up in those shoes any more. But they still look good!