Why ankle boots are so bloody excellent

March 22, 2019 2 Comments

Why ankle boots are so bloody excellent

The fear

I used to have it. Ankle boot fear. It stopped me wearing them for years. 

  1. I was worried that I was too tall and ankle boots were only for Kylie Minogue style poppets.
  2. I was worried they were going to cut my legs off and make me look stumpy.
  3. I was worried they'd make me look fat (yes, I was worried about that. Weird.)

And then I got a pair of ankle boots and now I'm like a reformed smoker in reverse telling everyone they've got to try a pair!

I can now tell you, this is the shoe you are going to wear TO DEATH. How do I know? Because those of you who have a pair (or two) already keep telling me how much wear you're getting out of them - and sneaking back for another pair in another style because they're so awesome!

Why? For starters, they're comfortable. So bloody comfortable they actually cured me of trainers in winter.

Secondly they're really practical. I used to wear knee-high boots all the time and I'd get sweaty around the calves and they'd annoy me with trousers and I felt ever so slightly trampy in a short skirt (thanks 1980s with your dirty FMB talk). Ankle boots give you all the good things you get with knee-highs and none of the annoying things. 

And now I too have worn mine to death so THANK GOD, I can sneak into the warehouse and get another "photography sample" Shhhh, I did not say that! Actually, I lie. I can't even do that because my size is always the first to sell out! I'm thinking I'd better get a back-up sample of Twiggy now that she's out...

But I digress... Have you ever worn them? Have you got the fear? Maybe you're not sure what to do with them. 

Well here's my take on ankle boots... They're like the flirty little sister of the knee-high boots and they make every outfit look just that little bit classier. 

Top 4 occasions to rock ankle boots:

1. Endless legs: This one is easy. When you want to have Bambi legs in winter. A lot of people shy away from ankle boots because they're afraid of looking stumpy but that's a myth. You can actually lengthen your legs because they draw attention to where your calf tapers into your shapely ankle. Add to the illusion by wearing boots in the same colour as your pants or tights to elongate your legs. Or draw attention to that ankle with a dazzling colour pop. Hell, if you've got great ankles, flaunt them!

2. Hot Date: This is the perfect time of year for ankle boots in the evening! As the sun goes down, so does the temperature, and you don't want to end up shivering or stepping in a puddle in your summer sandals at this time of year. Sass up the look with bare legs or nude fishnets. It'll not only elongate your fabulous pins, it'll give you a great excuse to wear a mini skirt. Irresistable!

3. Suited for work: Ankle boots give a dull office outfit a little personality without taking you outside your corporate dress code. Spice up a boring suit with a pop of colour or bold print peeking out from under your trouser hem. And if your office has a more relaxed dress code, lucky you! Let your style run wild and throw in a bright jumper or contrasting scarf.

 4. Almost a trackie: Dressing down doesn't have to mean a dodgy tracksuit and trainers. You can be just as comfortable but look way so much more #wokeuplikethis sexy in your ankle boots and tights (or skinny jeans if you can be bothered) with a snuggly slouchy jumper. Comfortable, but effortless. And comfortable. Did I mention comfortable?

 Ankle boots do’s and dont’s



  • Team with A-line or pencil skirt
  • Tuck in slim-fit pants or skinny jeans
  • Roll up loose pants
  • Show off your legs in opaque tights


  • Tuck in loose pants
  • Team light coloured boots with black tights – wear nude fishnets instead.

Here’s what shoelovers are saying about Shoe Envy’s boots…

I am completely gaga for my floral boots and I can’t wait to show my sister-in-law! I’ve only seen shoes like these on instagram and I could never afford them. So stoked.



Just received my tiger ankle boots. Absolutely love them!! Thinking I so need another pair!!



Your customer service has been outstanding. I have already recommended your site to family and friends.


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April 09, 2019

Hi Norma, no chocolate brown but there are a few new styles coming that you might like! :)

Norma Bowden
Norma Bowden

April 09, 2019

I’m in my 70s and always wear flat heels, these look a reasonable heel not too high. Are they likely to come out in a chocolate brown for winter? I have bought flats from you before and know they are comfortable from the word go. Norma

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