What fashion personality are you?

July 31, 2018

What fashion personality are you?

Do you know your fashion personality?

You may not be aware of it but others can tell a lot about you just from looking at your fashion personality.

Style is as individual as your fingerprint and provides a window for the world to glimpse a little of who you are and how you’re feeling. Find out what your choices are saying about you.

Everyone is unique

Your fashion personality is the unique way that what you feel on the inside expresses itself on the outside. It’s about the colours you love and whether you’re into feisty reds and oranges or calming greens.

What does it mean when you love cute little floral patterns versus bold, geometric shapes? Or even when you just love a classic neutral in a simple, natural fibre?

Are you intro structured looks with tailored finishes or do you love loose, floaty fabrics that catch the breeze?

No matter what your style, it gives people clues about who you are on the inside.

Shoes are the finishing touch

They say if you want to really know a man, look at his feet. You can tell a lot about a man by how well he looks after his shoes.

And because women have so many more options in footwear, there are so many more clues to gain.

Do you like heels or simple ballet flats? Are you into bold embellished styles like fierce rivets or do you prefer pretty, feminine finishes? Is python your speed, or perhaps leopard print?

The options are endless.

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