What does your pedicure say about you?

July 31, 2018

What does your pedicure say about you?

Pedicures say so much more than you think…

What colour you choose to paint your toenails during your pedicure is such an inconsequential decision and yet, it’s simultaneously incredibly revealing.

Your choice will live with you for at least a week – maybe even three if you get a good shellacking! So when you look at a woman’s toes, you know that colour didn’t just happen by accident.

So what hidden secrets does your colour choice betray about you? Find out below…

French pedicure

French pedicure
You like it clean and simple; close to nature but cultivated. You possess inherent elegance and you may be expensive but you’re worth every cent.

French with a twist

French twist pedicure

You’re naturally stylish and elegant but that irrepressible personality just bubbles through. You can’t keep a good woman down.


Red pedicure

Red is the colour of passion and you flash your true colours in your pedicure. You work hard and play harder.


Black pedicure

Still waters run deep and the soul behind a black pedicure is rich with dreams and longing and loss. You’re a deeply loyal friend once your trust is earned.


Rainbow pedicure

You’re a free and nurturing spirit who loves easily and gives of your time and energy freely. People love to be around you because you make them feel good.


Bling pedicure

Deep down, you know you were born to be a princess and your bejewelled tootsies are only the beginning. One day your prince will come!

Nail art

Nail art pedicure

You have a flair for the dramatic and love making an entrance. If there are 30 people in a room, you’ll be the one everyone remembers.


Turquoise pedicure

You’re a haven of peace in storm of chaos. There may be craziness going on all around you but you will be zen until the end.


Pink pedicure

You’re young at heart and never really grew up – why should you! You love being pampered and taken care of and you’re a special little soul.

Quirky colours

Quirky colour pedicure

You’re part of the creative source on planet earth where all the best and naughtiest ideas come from. You’re not like other people and that’s what makes you so amazing. Never change.


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