Change theworld as you shop

July 31, 2018

Change theworld as you shop

Ethical fashion is more than just cruelty-free products

Since Shoe Envy was born almost seven years ago, it’s been very important to me that it’s an ethical brand.

I have always been a mad animal lover and that’s why Shoe Envy is cruelty-free. I don't use any leather or other animal products in the manufacture of Shoe Envy shoes. It really is possible to create something beautiful that lasts without harming an animal. Find out more about that here.

But I wanted to go a step further than that and also change something tangible for animals that are suffering. That’s why I’ve been donating a portion of profits to charities working to protect animals.

Changing people's lives

Part of my reason for designing shoes was all about making my own life better. I wanted some kick-ass sexy shoes with all the personality of my 6-inch killer heels but without the 6-inch killer heels! 

But when I started looking around the shops for something more comfortable it was so demoralising! It was like all the shops were trying to tell me, "You're old now. If you're going to wear comfortable shoes, you're going to throw away your sex appeal and accept that you're a nana".


So I made my own. And I wanted to share the liberating feeling of being able to wear exactly what I damn well pleased and feeling good about it with others. Because it feels bloody good to look this fantastic without having sore feet!

My other passion

When I was little, I lived in very remote parts of the Pacific islands. For several years I was blind as a bat and nobody noticed because I was running around like a feral and climbing trees and they couldn't catch me long enough to check!

When I finally got glasses it BLEW MY MIND! I remember wandering around outside just LOOKING at things and telling people, "The trees have LEAVES! They have LEAVES!" and everyone thought I was crazy but for years, all I'd seen were giant green blobs. 

So I know what it's like not to be able to see and one of my passions is helping people in places like the ones I grew up in to access eye care and get their sight back.

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of totally preventable blindness in the world and around 20 million people are blind because of this totally curable condition - purely because they can't afford to get to a doctor!

So this is one of the other things Shoe Envy supports and I'm sooo proud to be able to do this.

Thank you to my Shoe Envy family for supporting these passion projects. 

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