The unnecessary things...

September 12, 2018

The unnecessary things...

When you look at someone's clothing,
the part that's unnecessary is fashion

If you think about it, all clothing really needs to do is cover your naughty bits and keep you warm - so a full-length loincloth would do it in summer.

That means the colours, the prints, the buckles, the decorative belts, the nicely tailored jackets when it's not even cold  - all of those things are about either fashion (including dress code) or self expression.

Dressing for your personality

What does that mean when we're talking about dressing for your personality? I've had quite a few people ask me "Can I be Classic AND Ladylike. Or can I be Edgy and a Bombshell?

Firstly, of course you can - you can do whatever you feel like! 
Secondly, most people have a dominant and a secondary style personality that represent different parts of who they are at different times and occasions.

I often find that the dominant and secondary types will be related. For example Bombshell and Edgy often go together because these styles are about making a statement and while Bombshell is about making an entrance and commanding attention, Edgy is about saying,"Look if you want, but I don't care what you think". They're both powerful. 
Similarly, Classic and Ladylike can often go together. Classic looks are about being timeless, elegant and having a sense of style rather than being fashionable. Ladylike is about being feminine, beautiful and elegant rather than sexy, so there's an underlying style sensibility in common. Someone who's classic at work might go girly on the weekend. 

One shoe - three personalities

Just for fun, I'm going to show you how to style one shoe three different ways to suit three style personalities. 
Meet Bombshell - this shoe is a classic slingback heel in a bright Hollywood red. High enough to make a statement but with a subtle platform, it's also comfortable. See how it looks styled as Edgy, Bombshell and Classic style personalities...
Edgy - Add a pair of wet-look black pants or skinny jeans and a dark sequinned top. Team with nude lips and dark smoky eyes and top off the look with some chunky metal accessories. 
Bombshell - A bold red dress topped is sure to get you noticed for a head-to-toe colour popping statement. Or add some drama with bodycon black dress and some scarlet lipstick. 
Classic  - Dig out your pencil skirt and a crisp white skirt and team with a classic up-do for a look that says Hitchcock leading lady. 
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