The most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear

July 31, 2018

The most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear

I may have just grown up.

The thought entered my head, “I just want something comfortable that won’t be cold in winter”.

And just like that, I crossed a line! I think it might be the first truly adult thought I’ve had in my 40s!

Anyway, be that as it may, it led me to design a range of ankle boots so I would have something comfy to wear when it got cold.

All boots now just $99. Browse the collection now



Essential design considerations

  • They have to look cute – no depressing wintry grimness
  •  They have to be really comfortable – so a low heel, a gentle arch and a soft lining material (I went with sports mesh)
  • And they have to be stable – I don’t want to be wobbling around when I’m trying to concentrate on my coffee and Nutella doughnut.

Since they arrived, I haven’t worn anything else – which is liberating because it also means I can wear socks and stop shaving my legs (don’t judge me – I know you’re doing it too!)

All the pretty things

Naturally, I want more than just one pair…  🙂

There are ten different styles to choose from ranging from a pretty floral-embossed patent finish, to striking heavy duty python texture, to faux pony tiger print (the most popular style on our Instagram account) and even a soft dove grey suede fabric with delicate silver rivets (but unlike real suede, you can get these wet and they won’t be ruined forever – which is what you want in winter really!)

So what do you think of my new ankle boots – do you love them as much as I do? You can check out the full collection here.