Styled by Fairy Shoe-mother

July 30, 2018

Styled by Fairy Shoe-mother

By  Heather Potter, Designer and Fairy Shoe-mother at Shoe Envy

Fashion is a way to speak without words. Whether it’s a bright color that says, “I’m happy”, a pop of red lipstick that says, “I feel sexy” or a pair of spiked heels that say, “Don’t f*#@ with me today!” fashion is a powerful way to communicate how you feel.

That’s why I’ve never understood people who lay their clothes out the night before. What dark magic is this that lets you know how you’ll feel in the morning from the night before?!

I dress in mood so I don’t know until I wake up which version of myself I feel like today.

Will I be:

  • Laid back and bohemian?
  • Sweet and pretty? (let’s face it – not often!)
  • Cool and edgy?
  • A sultry temptress?

Who knows until I wake up!

I want to be able to express whatever mood I’m in at that moment. And it might be radically different from one day to the next.

Part of the beauty of being female is we have so many versions of ourselves to choose from.

Unlike blokes with their boring stable moods and hormones, boring samey wardrobes and three pairs of shoes to last their entire life, us women get to be someone different every day if we want!

We can grow our hair, chop it off, colour it, wear pants, wear a tutu – do whatever we want.

So when I wake up in the morning I don’t want to be limited to the safe option when it comes to my clothing choices.

So if I want to wear Purple snake boots or sparkly gold heels or something with spikes all over them, I will! I don’t much care about the dress code. So long as I’m being reasonably considerate of the people around me, I figure I will do whatever I want! 🙂

Do you dress by mood or is it just me?