Smart – with a touch of playful…

July 31, 2018

Smart – with a touch of playful…

Do you ever feel like dress codes are really confusing these days?

You turn up to a  BBQ in jeans and everyone else is dressed like they’re about to join the cast of Housewives on a yacht.

Or you go to a wedding in your lovely floral frock and everyone else is barefoot and getting in touch with the earth spirits…

What is going on?

Well fear not, because we have a solution for this!

The Smarties range is a shoe for modern times. It’s ombre in colour and spirit. Because it’s got a foot in both the serious camp – for when you need to be all, there’s a proper religious minister here y’know… And also the fun camp – for when he goes home and the champers comes out!

The Smarties range is designed with a smart court shape and gently pointed toe reminiscent of old Hollywood. It tapers to a bright contrasting heel with cute matching buttons.

With that brilliant combination of playful and serious, the Smarties range has enough gravitas to let you tackle a job interview and still flirt with the cute guy on reception on the way out. (Because you’re that good!)

This versatility makes Smarties incredibly easy to style. Check out these four gorgeous combinations:

Orange and blue are opposite on the colour spectrum so they look fantastic together and make a bold statement that’s sure to turn heads. Don’t be afraid to try a dramatic print for maximum impact. Click to check out Orange Smarties


Nude looks fantastic against a summer tan to provide the illusion of endless legs. Pair Blue smarties with crisp whites and denim for fresh summer style Click her to check out Blue Smarties

Add a pop of colour to a simple shift dress or classic cami and pencil skirt combo for a fresh take on an old favourite. Keep your palette monochromatic to allow your shoes to pop. Check out Green Smarties here.

Have a Barbie flashback with this hot pink option and play with tone-on-tone pink and bright colour pops. Or you can keep it simple with plain black or denim. Check out Pink Smarties here.