Outsmart the weather in style

July 31, 2018

Outsmart the weather in style

It’s really tricky getting dressed at this time of year because the weather can change so suddenly.

This can leave you caught short and shivering if you’ve left the house under-dressed; or lugging around heavy outer-wear and cracking a sweat if you went conservative and the sun came out.

At this time of year, my go-to accessory is the ankle boot.

This is partly because it’s practical and you’ll neither freeze nor overheat in it. But it’s also incredibly versatile to style and makes every you wear look just that little bit cooler and more sophisticated.

Here are my four favourite ways to make the most of the ankle boot when dressing for confused and variable weather:

Bare legs baby!

You’ve been hidden away under winter sacks for weeks. It’s time to flash those pins. An advantage of going bare-legged (apart from the obvious drawback of needing to wax them at last!) is it’ll keep your temperature in balance if the sun pops out. Layer your upper body to keep your core snug and you’ll be ready for whatever the forecast brings without looking like you just wrestled a bear for his hide and won…

Caramel Tart looks gorgeous when offset with a hint of complementary tan in your outfit; or contrast with a bold jewel tone like ruby or sapphire.



Long layers

If you’re not feeling brave enough (or waxed enough) for bare legs yet, long layers over a pair of dark tights allow you to shed bulk without going all the way – just leave a little peep of skin at the top of your boots. Contrasting layers in similar colours but different patterns add interest and movement.

Lace is a gorgeously subtle grey python print overlaid with  delicate filigree lace pattern in a contrasting gloss, so it’s great for print clashing – especially with strong geometrics and bold stripes.





Skirting the issue

A cute miniskirt or dress immediately makes it feel less like the middle of winter. Team it with a pair of opaque tights for extra warmth or go bare-legged if you wanted to lighten up the look – especially if you choose a lighter colour or floral print. Add a biker jacket for a little edge.

Secret Garden styles well with a skirt thanks to its embossed patent finish, which makes it looks a little dressier than some of the more casual boots in the range.



Weekend Style

Ankle boots always look fantastic with jeans and because jeans are such a relaxed statement, you can afford to go a little wild with your feet. with super skinny jeans, you can just tuck them into your boots. For slouchier styles, roll up the cuff to leave a sliver of skin visible at the top of your boot.

White Tiger’s faux pony finish is a striking statement but its monochrome colourway means it doesn’t overpower a jeans and neutral cardi – perfect for a weekend pub lunch!

Check out all ten gorgeous designs in our ankle boots collection.


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