Life Hack: Break in your new shoes in minutes!

July 30, 2018

Life Hack: Break in your new shoes in minutes!

Learn how to break in new shoes instantly

New shoes don’t have to mean blisters and sore feet – you can break in new shoes instantly.

You don’t have to wear them around the house for a couple of weeks to make them comfortable.  You can literally do it in just a few minutes with this simple trick.

You’ll need three things – a pair of thick sports socks, a hairdryer and the shoes you want to break in.

The hair dryer trick only works with animal-friendly shoes

Step 1:

Put on a pair of thick sports socks

Step 2:

Heat up the inside of your shoes with a HOT hairdryer, focusing on the spots that press or rub

Step 3:

Put the shoes on and walk around in them until they go cold (a few minutes).

Take the socks off and put your shoes back on. They should fit like a glove. If not, just repeat steps one to three!

I wish I’d known this years ago! I do it with all my shoes now and it really does make them heaps more comfortable right away.

Hint: Don’t do this with bare feet. It won’t work properly and you’ll also burn your skin on the hot shoes. (Although I feel like I really only need to say that if men are reading this as women tend to think of these things! Sorry fellas…)

Have you tried the hairdryer trick or do you have any other clever life hacks?
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