It’s COLD out there – but it doesn’t have to be boring…

July 31, 2018

It’s COLD out there – but it doesn’t have to be boring…

That’s right, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to start dressing like an EMO (or whatever the kids are calling it these days).

Unless of course you WANT to take your style cues from a Trump day out at the Vatican…

Personally, I’m going to live while I’m alive and that includes during winter. Step one is the fun part – I’ll be colouring my hair “unicorn” (pink and purple stripes). Keep an eye on Facebook for that. I’ll post it even if it’s a disaster!

And secondly, I’m splashing out with colour. If you’re not sure how to wear colour in winter, I’m going to share with your some of my favourite winter combinations below. And don’t forget you can use your Shoe Envy tax return on these! 

I’ve chosen to demonstrate them with coats so you can get the full impact of the combinations but you can do it just as well with a jumper or scarf if you don’t want to lash out on a brand new coat.

So here they are : my top 5 colour combinations for winter – and there’s even one for all the Melbournites who are passing out at the thought of giving up black! 🙂

#1 Navy and red

Ravishing Rose

If you’re nervous about colour, maybe start with baby steps and slip sideways into navy. Then add a pop of gorgeous red  with Ravishing Rose boots for a look that’s classic while still channeling a bit of cheerful bright colour. Red is a very easy colour to wear and you’ve almost certainly got a few red items in your wardrobe already, so it should be a gentle introduction to winter colour.

#2 Leaf green


When everything around you is dreary and grey a pop of green is a great way to brighten up the landscape and remind everyone of the freshness of the great leafy outdoors. Add a pair of Lace boots with their patterned overlay that looks a little like foliage to be truly at one with nature.

#3 Elegant light neutrals

Caramel Tart

When you just adore black and can’t stand the idea of wearing any other thing, you can stick with splendidly elegant neutrals for a look that’s elegantly expensive. Add tones of cream and caramel – like these lush Caramel Tart boots – to your favourite dark palette for a look that still pops amid the winter gloom.

#4 Bombshell red


Did someone say foxy? Because you will be in this combination! Pair smoking hot scarlet with foxy Tiger boots for a look that’s easy to wear and will turn heads for all the right reasons.

#5 It’s Wine O’Clock somewhere…

Wine O’Clock

Mustard yellow is not as tricky a colour to pull off as you might think. The secret is, you’ve got to wear lipstick. I’m super-lazy about maintaining my lipstick so I don’t do this very often but when I do, I ALWAYS get loads of comments (think Michelle Williams in that yellow dress at the Oscars all those years ago. That colour put her on the style map!) And if you’re going with a bold mustard, why not double down with purple boots and add a little  Wine O’Clock? This colour combination is a real conversation starter so make sure you’re in the mood to be the centre of attention the day you wear this!

Don’t forget to use your Shoe Envy tax return!

If you’d like $50 off a pair of gorgeous winter boots, don’t forget you can use your Shoe Envy ‘tax return’. Claim yours here.


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