How to ankle boot with hotness

July 31, 2018

How to ankle boot with hotness

I’ve always thought ankle boots look cute on little pocket pixie people – like Kylie Minogue. The proportions just work for some reason.

Being taller and ganglier myself, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. Don’t ankle boots cut you off and make your legs look shorter? How do normal-sized people style dem ankle boots?

The answer is with legs that go on forever


Far from cutting you off, the boots end at the most tapered point on your leg, which is really flattering. And when you combine that with a cute little A-line skirt, you’ll have legs for days.

What looks super-cute on a petite person looks damn sexy on a taller girl so it’s a win-win really.

Other benefits of ankle boots include:

  1. You can wear them with pretty much anything. They are so easy to style; they add a little bit of edge and sassiness to any outfit – even a cocktail dress.
  2. They’re great for unpredictable weather. They’ll keep your feet warm and dry if it rains but if the sun comes out, you’ll still be cool as a cucumber.
  3. They’re much more comfortable to wear under pants than knee-high boots. No more sweaty calves or tight pants moments.
  4. They deliver a fresh and quirky style statement that works with everything from jeans to a pencil skirt – and no more lewd comments about your FMBs…

Here are our five favourite ways to ankle boot with hotness!

Monochrome layering: Layers of patterns and textures in a similar tonal range adds a luxurious feel and keeps your outfit practical for fluctuating autumn temperatures. Smoke‘s soft suede-effect upper and contrasting silver metallic rivets adds even more textural interest to on-trend ever-elegant greys. Get this look here.

Jewel-tone pops: Autumn doesn’t have to be all about browns and oranges. Add a luscious jewel effect with gorgeous shades of burgundy, bright lips and striking purple contrasts. You won’t be a shrinking violet in our dramatic Wine O’Clock boots! Get this look here.

Pretty and feminine: Winter doesn’t have to be all black. Secret Garden adds a hint of contrasting burgundy that offsets delicate pastels and lace for an ultra-feminine take on the season of mists and fogs. Get this look here.

Hold onto the sunshine! When you can’t let go and commit to winter, have your cake and eat it too with Caramel Tart. Paired with a light trans-seasonal trench and pastels, you can hold onto the sunshine for as long as your shivering will allow in this light and breezy look! Get this look here.

Not a basic girl: When you want more from life than basic black, add a little rawr with White Tiger. With its classic monochrome, it’s easy to style and keeps your look clean and uncluttered while adding a pop of sass. Get this look here.

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