How festive are you?

July 31, 2018

How festive are you?

My house currently looks like a Christmas bomb went off in it! I admit I’ve gone a bit crackers – but with good reason.

Why? Well, for the past few years I’ve been living with the Grinch that stole Christmas and this year I’m footloose and fancy free so I can wave my Christmas wand all over the place. And I have! Liberally.

I have three Christmas trees.

And a giant Christmas panda…

Now the only question is what to wear on Christmas day because yes, the decorating doesn’t stop with the house. I will be dressing up!

To help me decide (and to give you a few ideas for how to get into the festive spirit), I’ve drafted my Christmas style guide.

What’s your Christmas style statement?

    Subtle seasonal touches – this is for when you really don’t want to be the centre of attention or when you’re the one doing all the work on Christmas day so dressing up is a bit much on top of everything else. Go low maintenance by wearing a bit of red or green in your outfit and topping it with a Santa hat or a pair of Christmas earrings. Wear with Cherry Splice flats (click image).
  1. Santa’s little helper – An elf is a great option that signals you’re planning to have fun today. Although known for being the helper, the elf, by definition, doesn’t take responsibility for the day. A bonus if you’re a fan of the colour green because that tends to be a feature of this look. Wear with Long Black ankle boots (click image).
  2. Mrs Claus – You’re the boss around here so you might as well wear the uniform! Mrs Claus gets the job done and looks fabulous doing it. Try to find an option that doesn’t feature long sleeves if you can because Mrs Claus might crack a sweat over that turkey otherwise! Wear it with Sultry Siren low heels (click image).
  3. Sexy Merry Claus – It’s hot in the kitchen but it’s even hotter out here with flashback Mrs Claus. Damn she was stunning back in the day! And she will drink you under the table before she does the dishes so Santa better be ready to wash them himself! Wear it with Red Riding Hood Mary-Janes with their gorgeous ankle bling (click image).
  4. Rudolph – Every party needs a joker to bring the funnies and keep the belly laughs coming. Channel your inner Rudolph with a pair of novelty antlers. Bonus – they’re fun when you’re ready to get the party started and lead the giggles but they’re relatively low commitment, so you can take the off when you’ve had enough. Wear them with Bebe Hot Tamale (click image).
  5. The Angel – No Christmas tree is complete without you and everyone knows it’s your job to spread joy and Christmas cheer. Naturally, you shall be in charge of the bubbly, the Christmas karaoke – and later on you will lead the way in the afternoon napping. Wear it with Dragonfly for an ethereal silvery sparkle (click image).
Whatever you do, don’t try to get your cat involved. You think it’ll be cute but it’ll probably end in tears. And maybe a few scratches!