Gorgeous and comfortable – you don’t have to choose! Have both!

July 31, 2018

Gorgeous and comfortable – you don’t have to choose! Have both!

Don’t you love it when you see a pair of shoes that you absolutely love and you think, “I don’t care how much they hurt, I’m going to wear them!”

And then you put them on and they are soooooo comfortable you almost can’t believe they look that good!

Me too! That’s why I design that kind of shoes!

Because, let’s be honest here, the only reason I started Shoe Envy was so I could get all the “photography samples” in my size.

“Photography samples”

Check it out – these are the “photography samples“. Look at them being all photography sampley  in my bedroom. Go little shoes – be your best selves… 🙂

Before you start hating on me, remember I have to buy A LOT of shoes for Shoe Envy to get that one sample pair for me so it would actually be cheaper for me to just go out and buy a bunch of shoes but where’s the fun in that! 🙂


Three kinds of comfortable

It goes without saying that I want all my shoes to be drop-dead sexy conversation pieces. But I also want them to be comfortable. Comfortable is a relative concept though. There’s heels I can dance in comfortable and there’s hanging out in my pyjamas comfortable – not the same thing.

When I design shoes, I think about three kinds of comfortable:

Hanging out with friends at the shops comfortable. I’ll be walking a lot (there’s a lot of shops to look at) so I want either comfy cushioned walking sole like I’ve included in my osteo-approved flats.



If I’m having lunch, I might dress it up a notch and wear some ankle boots instead. With their gentle sloping arch and sturdy but sexy Cuban heel, they’re the most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear.

Dressed up and on my feet all day comfortable. Whether I’m at the office, or at a wedding, if the dress code goes up a notch and I’m expected to be on my feet, walking around mingling or even dancing for hours, I need some pretty special heels for that job.



I designed my low heels ranges especially for this. They’re comfortable, stable and like my ankle boots they have a gentle sloping arch so I can wear them for literally hours and my feet feel normal when I take them off.





Looking like a smoking hot diva comfortable. This one is the trickiest. How can I stack six inches on my heels and still be comfortable? The answer: with a platform.

I adore platforms. They give me all the extra height but without straining those delicate muscles on the bottom of my feet. Love, love love. Louboutin knows what he’s doing!

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