Five genius shoe storage ideas

July 31, 2018

Five genius shoe storage ideas

As any shoe connoisseur knows, it’s important to “cellar” your collection appropriately.

Good shoe storage will help you:

  1. Keep track of your favourite shoes
  2. Protect delicate designs
  3. Keep your floor, the bottom of your wardrobe and under your bed tidy.

But above all, it will help you avoid annoying your family with shoe clutter, causing them to say dangerous and crazy things like, “You’ve got too many pairs of shoes!”

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Naturally, the first thing that happens when you get fabulously organised shoe storage is you’re going to find you have some empty spaces in there for more shoes!

This is where Shoe Envy can help. We gathered five of the cleverest ideas about how you can get your shoe collection organised (see below) to inspire you.

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My top 5 all-time favourite shoe storage ideas

1. Crafty hangers

This one is simple but ingenious for all your flats and sandals.

Just bend some old wire coat hangers and hang them in the shirt section of your wardrobe.

See the full tutorial here.





2. Chic crates

For a bit of rustic charm, try repainting some old crates and hanging them on the wall.

Not space efficient but pretty stylish.

Check out the tutorial here (not in English but hey, the language of shoes is universal!)





3. Discreet cabinet

A good solution for keeping shoes organised in a high traffic area like by the front door.

You can pick this style of cabinet up from Ikea.

4. Shoe Shelves

My personal favourite and this is how the Shoe Envy collection is displayed at my place.

You can get shelves custom made or just pick them up from Ikea or Officeworks and add extra shelves to suit the height of your shoes or boots.

5. Industrial pipes

If your style sensibilities tend to warehouse grunge, this look is for you.

It looks pretty easy and you could personalise it with your own paint scheme.

Check it out here.

Make your own dream storage solution

It’s easier and more cost effective than you might think! Get step-by-step instructions for how to make the dream storage solution Shoe Envy uses. Scale it up or down to suit the space and number of shoes you have! Find out more here.

Living the dream!

Which style of shoe storage will you choose for your shoe collection?

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