Feel-good winter style

August 01, 2018

Feel-good winter style

Feel-good winter style

The grey weather is upon us and certainly in Melbourne, everyone has dug deep into the black section of their wardrobes.

I’ve even pulled out my black pleather murder gloves whenever I go outside or drive anywhere.

At first, it feels a bit sleek and stylish dressing like something out of the Matrix. But after a few weeks, all the black and grey and matching skies are a bit depressing. But it’s cold, so you persevere.

There is a way out!

Thankfully black isn’t compulsory to keep us warm. There’s a huge variety of other colours out there than can do the job just as well.

So if you’re looking for a few ideas about how to give your grim winter wardrobe (and your mood) a lift, here are four great ways featuring our versatile and comfy Smarties range.


A subtle colour pop

You don’t have to go crazy with colour. If you’re used to wearing head-to-toe black, a colour explosion might be a bit confronting before you’ve had your first coffee of the day. Start small. Orange Smarties gives a touch of colour at the back, while staying all business at the front. You can complement it with a bright or patterned scarf – or matching hair, as our model has here!

Orange low heels

Elegance in camel

Of course, not everyone is stuck in black. Some of us prefer a neutral palette of camel, sand or biscuit beige – especially if you’re in a slightly warmer climate. Add a hint of a day by the winter sea with Blue Smarties in beige and turquoise to give an instant lift to classic neutrals.

blue and beige mid heels

Make a statement

Hot pink is a bold rebellion against the grim winter weather. Pink Smarties adds an adult touch to the look, with it’s classic court shape. But it keeps it playful with matching hot pink button rivets on the back. You’ll certainly be eye-catching and you’ll also feel fantastic as you strut down the street in this brilliant ensemble!

Pink and black low heels

A colour riot

If you’ve come this far, you’re ready for some real colour action! You could wear Green Smarties in a range of classic and restrained ways. But the question is why hold back when its limey goodness looks so amazing with gorgeous winter shades like mustard?

Give it a try – go bananas with colour just one day in the next week and see how good it feels!

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