Evil has a face – and it’s Leah’s

July 30, 2018

Evil has a face – and it’s Leah’s

Working in the Shoe Envy design studio is a little bit like being in a Stephen King novel. You see, I share this building and all the glamorous shoes with the face of evil.

There are two cats in this space – Snoop Tiger, the gangsta cat, and Leah, the rescue cat. Only one of them is evil. Can you guess which one?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not the one on the left.

Leah, bless her evil little face, is the most beautiful-natured, loving kitty who loves nothing more than to have her woolly fur ruffled and the soft, velvety section of her neck stroked. She’s very affectionate and she’s a loving adopted mother to the ungrateful (and slightly bitey and unrepentant Snoop Tiger).

So where did it all go wrong?

Leah’s problem is she suffers from Resting Evil Face. So while Snoop Tiger can commit every kind of domestic atrocity on purpose and get away with it just by cocking his head on the side and looking impossibly cute; Leah is a one-woman horror story who strikes fear into the hearts of visitors by doing nothing wrong at all – just looking freaky.

She even has her own soundtrack. She has a deep, snuffly way of breathing so no matter where she goes, I can hear her before I even see her. This has earned her the nickname “Cat Vader”.

And those eyes…

Every now and again, I’ll glance up to find her looking down at me from the stairs with her evil eyes and it sends a chill down my spine. She really is the creepiest creature imaginable late at night when you’re all alone.

Her chilling stare says, “I am plotting the deaths of your unborn children”. Even though she’s probably just wondering, “When is she going to give me a snack already?”

Poor Leah, she doesn’t mean to be creepy but she certainly freaks out all my guests with her little skeletor face and soul-eating eyes


It’s what’s on the inside that counts

But she’s also proof that it’s what’s on the inside that counts because she has a heart of gold. So if you ever visit Shoe Envy, don’t be alarmed by the Cat of Satan – she probably just wants a biscuit.

Have you got a pet with an unusual personality trait? What’s their special little quirky feature?

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