Enter the little Dragons…

July 31, 2018

Enter the little Dragons…

One of the first shoes I ever designed was Green Dragon and it shot to the top of the Shoe Envy best-seller list so fast I had to restock it within weeks!

It also caused the most complaints of any shoe I’ve ever made – but not for the reasons you might be thinking.

Everyone wanted to know, “When are you going to make dragons in low heels? They’re awesome but I want a lower-heeled version.”

Well I’m not crazy. I want you to be happy and keep shopping at Shoe Envy so I’d be mad not to make some little dragons right?

And here they are at last. The Little Dragons range is made up of three gorgeous designs – Shadow DragonFlaming Dragon and Jade Dragon

For a limited time, members can have $30 off these gorgeous designs. If you’re a member you already have the special discount code so check your emails (including spam). If you’d like to become a member, sign up using the form at the bottom of this post 🙂

Dangerously sexy

The Dragon range is the ultimate girly shoe. It’s got gorgeous feminine curves, a classic shape, timeless python textured material and metallic rivets that say, “Don’t mess with this girl today!”

It seems to work because every time I step into a lift wearing them, all the men press themselves against the far wall and suddenly look like they wish the lift would go faster…

Dragon shoes are incredibly versatile to style. Wear them with a business suit or skirt during the day, then dress it up at night with black pants and a spiky statement necklace.

They also look great dressed down for the weekend with skinny jeans and a casual top.

How would you style yours?