Don’t wait for a special occasion

July 31, 2018

Don’t wait for a special occasion

Comfortable boots – with a whole lot of sass!

I love comfortable boots. I’m the laziest person in the world during winter. (You know, the one with hairy legs for 4 months of the year…)

So when I designed my first range of boots, the most important thing was comfort. But the funny thing is people often ask me why I haven’t I got more “plain” boots – as though comfortable and sassy style can’t go together.

I have nothing against neutrals – I wear my fair share of those. But I also love me a bit of colour!  So  I felt all sad on the inside when I wandered by a shoe store the other day and all I saw was floor-to-ceiling black and beige.


Did I miss the memo that said, “Please everyone dress so you can camouflage against a wall that’s painted Magnolia..?”

I recently gave a presentation to the board of a charity I work at and my boss said, “Maybe don’t wear the beanie with the ears…”

I love that:

  1. She phrased it like a helpful suggestion (this actually made me giggle) and,
  2. People feel it’s necessary to make those kinds of suggestions to me at the age of 42. I feel like this means I’m doing life right!

Why I love vibrant style

The thing about life is you only get one go at it so I want to make sure it’s a good one.

Forbes has published a list of the top 25 things people regret when they’re dying. Five of them really struck me.

People wish they hadn’t:

  • Worried so much about what others think
  • Taken life so seriously and not stopped to have more fun
  • Failed to follow their dreams and not done what they really loved
  • Lacked the confidence to just do the things they wanted to do
  • Let the person/thing they truly loved go

So I do what makes me feel alive

This is why I choose to wear ALL the colours and rawr in wild animal prints – because they make me feel fabulous.

Life’s short. I don’t want to save the awesome things for a special occasion. I want to feel amazing now and enjoy everything now…

I don’t want to look back on life and think, “I wish I’d had the confidence to be myself and wear fluffy ears or tiger print boots.” I’m just going to do it!

So don’t live life with regrets:

Be glamorous now!

Be beautiful now!

Be adventurous now!

Be spirited now!

Spoil yourself now!

If you’re having trouble breaking out of all-black or beige, try it this week. Wear one gorgeous thing in your favourite colour and see how it feels 🙂

Comfortable boots that are sooo much more

So if you’re going to give my boots a try – be prepare for comfort like you’ve never experienced in a boot before. After all – they were designed by a woman who can’t be bothered shaving her legs for 4 months of the year!

But be ready to break out of your comfort zone and wear something that makes you feel truly alive. Because there’s so much more to life than living in your comfort zone.

Take a walk on the wild side today. Which ones will you choose…? Check out the full range here.

Shoe Envy VIP members already have access to this offer. Check your email for details 🙂

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