Do you wanna POP! Hell yeah!

August 17, 2018

Do you wanna POP! Hell yeah!

The sixties gave us a lot of very cool things




Many have become absolutely iconic - think pop art, bellbottoms, flower power, Beatlemania and Bond - James Bond.

The 60s are even responsible for one of the first emojis - the smiley face - which was invented by an advertising agency to cheer up a gloomy workplace.

Love it or hate it, the 60s had style. That's why I chose to take inspiration from this truly groovy era when I designed the Smarties range. They're bursting with irreverent fun and popping with bright, bold Warhol-esque colours.

They have a classic court shape that has proven timeless. And they're really, really comfortable! Check them out below.

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How to wear these cheeky little numbers 

If you're anything like me, you don't want to look like you tried too hard, you can wear a bright top and a pair of jeans. Jeans scream #offdutymodel #wokeuplikethis. 

Of course, in my case, they also scream, "Put down the coffee and pose properly!" but whatever. I love my Blue Smarties with a bit of contrasting yellow.

If you want some ideas on how to get proper 1960s-inspired style with this look, scroll down now... :)

Model with jeans and Blue Smarties low heels

Style that pops!

Orange is a versatile colour that plays well with other citrus brights like yellow and green. But it also looks surprisingly sweet when contrasted with a softer pastel. Surprise your eyes with this unexpectedly sassy combination. 
Orange Smarties low heel

Prim but never proper

You can never go wrong with nude because it elongates those lovely legs. Team it with a ladylike dress for a come-hither look that is alluring while maintaining your girlish innocence. What! I've got girlish innocence!

Polka dots and...

If you said Moonbeams, you belong to a very special group of people who know things about stuff... You also know that the playfulness of Smarties is the perfect fit for flirty polka dots!

Pink Smarties low heels

Lemon, lime and and a damn good time!

Citrus on citrus adds zest to any outfit (did you see what I did there?) And green smarties has zest to spare. It's a wickedly good colour and also looks fabulous with florals because #foliage.

 Green Smarties low heels

Which Smarties are your favourite? Check them all out here and get your groove on - yeah baby!

Don't forget you get a free Vive la ENVY lipstick with every order in August.

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