At last! High heels for women who don’t do high heels!

July 30, 2018

At last! High heels for women who don’t do high heels!

Sassy low heels for women who can’t walk in heels

High heels are undoubtedly sexy but what if you can’t walk in heels? A: You get sassy low heels from Shoe Envy.

Not everyone is gifted in the stilt-walking department. Hell, even Beyonce struggles sometimes…







If you aren’t comfortable in high heels, don’t feel bad. I have a solution for you. Because frankly, even though I’m a drag queen at heart, I have tracksuit days too. Then I just want to be comfortable. So what does a stiletto-lover like me wear on days like that?

Shoes that are fiercely comfortable…

I wear low heels. But not just any low heels – Shoe Envy low heels.

These are designed with comfort in mind, so they have a gentle sloping arch, lots of support and cushioning and a sensible little heel that hovers around 6cm or lower (with a 1cm platform).

The secret to these shoes is they are designed to NOT look comfortable. Because who wants to be complimented on how comfortable their shoes look?

I’ll tell you who – someone who wears Crocs to the supermarket on a semi-regular basis (I’m looking at you, Jan!)

Shoes that look stylish as hell!

Shoe Envy low heels are designed with the same bold materials and glamorous detailing as our platform stilettos.

So if you love python and metallic rivets, you can get them in a dramatic six-inch platform – or a very approachable 3-inch low heel. We have dozens of great styles to choose from.

Now nobody needs to be the one who’s struggling along with the wrong footwear.

Whether it’s the girl wearing heels that are desperately inappropriate to the occasion. Or the beautifully put-together look at a wedding that’s ruined by bare feet. Or the one getting a piggy-back because she just can’t take another step.

THIS ISN’T SEXY! There’s a better way.

When not to wear heels…

What makes our low heels so comfortable?

There are several features that make our low heels so comfy, they are guaranteed comfortable for 15 hours once you break them in.

These include a:

  1. Gentle sloping arch that takes the pressure off the arch of your foot
  2. Low heel of around 6cm – often with a 1cm platform, making them even more comfortable
  3. Cushioned sole that absorbs impact, taking the pressure off your heels.
  4. That means our low heels will take through a work-day and out to dinner; or right through to the last dance at a wedding – whatever you need to do that requires being on your feet.

    When I designed these fantastic comfy styles, I was thinking of me – running around to meetings all day and then catching up with girlfriends after work.

  5. Not just for the stilt-impaired…

    Low heels are also practical when you need to navigate tricky terrain. If you’ve ever tried to wear super-high heels on any surface other than carpet (grass, cobblestones or decking anyone…?) you’ll know what I mean!

    And for people like me who have problems with knees or ankles due to playing sport or other health issues.

    Or for people who have suffered injuries – possibly while wearing high heels late at night under the influence of alcohol (not mentioning any names… cough, cough … Amy!)

    And if you just like to be a little more dressed up than flats when you go shopping or have coffee with your girlfriends, you can wear these too.

    Check out our great range of low heels here.

  6. What people are saying about our low heels

    “I’m in love! I didn’t think I’d be able to wear heels again after my ankle surgery but these are AMAZING and sooo comfortable. Not a single twinge AND no blisters. Already ordered them in the red and purple :)”

    Tracey, SA

    “I am going to buy some more of these but please wrap them in brown paper so my husband doesn’t notice. Shhhhh. The courier already thinks I’m a mad woman!”

    Angela, Canberra


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