A bold statement can be subtle

July 30, 2018

A bold statement can be subtle

Nude heels for endless legs

Nude heels are the style statement of elegant princesses. At least they are if Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are anything to go by.

Those ladies know how to rock a nude heel like nobody’s business.

Ladylike, lovely

And they know how to put a perfectly toned and tapered leg forward without looking anything short of ladylike. And that’s the beauty of a nude heel. It has all the drama of a bold statement heel but it stays classy every step of the way.

Nobody would accuse Kate Middleton of being cautious in her style choices. If anything, the young princess has upped the style stakes of the monarchy, which had been stuck in a bit of a pillbox hat rut for a while!

But she hasn’t resorted to Hollywood leather and chains and flesh-flashing gaudiness either.

She’s managed to boldly go where no royal has gone since Princess Di – combining contemporary flair with elegance and restraint and looking smoking hot while doing it.

Oh God, I’m starting to sound like a royalist! But never mind that…


And just like Kate before her, a key feature of Meghan’s style is her footwear. If ever she was the champion of anything, it is the nude heel.

She’s turned nude heels into her signature style statement and brought back sexy pins with a vengeance. Which is great news for people like me who never grew boobs as a teenager!

I gave the nude heels a test run the other day and I was amazed at how elegant I felt slipping into a pair of Pinot Grigio.



So if you want to highlight your toned pins, this is definitely for you. But if your figure is more of the Scarlett Johansson classic hourglass, don’t lose heart – you can still do a nude heel. It’s actually a great way to balance your look by drawing some of the attention away from your devastating curves to your delicate ankles.


My legs suddenly looked longer and more tapered and I felt somehow posher – like I should start drinking tea from a China cup instead of coffee from one of those cardboard take-away numbers!



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