7 stunning ways to wear floral ankle boots

August 01, 2018

7 stunning ways to wear floral ankle boots

How to style floral ankle boots

Blossoms are big this season but the big question on everyone’s lips is how do I wear them? Or, more to the point, how do I wear them without looking like a nanna…?

This trend has a strong vintage feel to it – which is awesome if you’re seeing it with fresh eyes but if you remember it from the first time around, it might make you a bit nervous.

But don’t be alarmed, there are many ways of bringing a fresh, contemporary twist to floral. This is one of the reasons I’ve chosen a Japanese-inspired floral theme for the Tokyo ankle boots range. It really lends itself to more modern styling.

So if you haven’t tried it yet, here are a few tips for how to bring Flower Power into 2018 and really give your mojo a lift….

First let’s have a good lusty look at what we’re talking about here – meet Tokyo Dawn, Cherryblossom and Dusk.

As you can see they feature a beautiful, Japanese inspired cherry blossom print on a choice of neutral beige, red or black backgrounds. But what to wear with it…?

Well wonder no more because here are our top tips for how to style this gorgeous style:

Prints: Surprised? Print clash works a treat with this shoe. Don’t go too matchy-matchy with floral prints – look for bold flowers that pick up the colour of your shoe’s background colour rather than matching the blossoms. The Tokyo range also looks striking with geometrics, stripes and spots.

Pretty things: Because Dawn is such a pretty shoe, it plays especially well with other pretty things. So basically almost anything you’d buy in Forever New. Pearls, sparkly things, fluffy textures, lace grey and camel. Your pretty outfit will tie in well with the blossoms while the boldness of the boot will make for a striking contrast.

Burgundy: I don’t know why this works so well but blossoms look bloody gorgeous with burgundy in winter time. This plays especially well with Tokyo Dusk and Dawn.

Edgy: Pretty florals make a striking contrast to modern materials. Pair with vinyl, neoprene, wet-look fabrics or embellishments like rivets or chunky zippers to add a contemporary edge and put on a new spin on flower power.

Add a pop of red with accessories. You don’t need to go matchy-matchy and make everything pink here just because there’s blossoms involved. Adding a touch of lush red will amp up the wow factor while staying within the same broad palette.

Contrast: If you look closely, the blossoms have some subtle blue and purple lowlights. Take the unexpected route and highlight them with a bright cobalt or grape coloured jumper.

Lady in red. I’m partial to a smashing red-to-toe statement and what better shoe to try it with than Cherryblossom! If you want to stop traffic, this look will do it!

ALL the things! Surprisingly maybe – but because of the block coloured background and pale flowers, Tokyo Dusk and Dawn read like neutrals, so you can wear them with pretty much anything you would wear beige or black shoes with. Likewise, Cherryblossoms is predominantly red so you can treat it like a red shoe for styling purposes. Try it for yourself!

Remember the number one rule of fashion is whatever you do, do it boldly! If  it looks like you did it on purpose, people will assume it’s them that’s not cool enough to understand it! 🙂

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