2017 Weird Family Christmas Gift Guide

July 31, 2018

2017 Weird Family Christmas Gift Guide

Do you have a weird family that’s hard to shop for at Christmas? If so – welcome to my world!

This is why every year I go on an online quest to find things you can’t get in normal shops that I think they’ll like. Because you just know when they say don’t get me anything there’s going to be a Christmas inquisition if you ACTUALLY don’t get them anything…

Finding all this stuff requires a bit of effort but I think you’ll agree, the legwork is worth it! Which of your weird (yet beloved) family members do you think would love one of these…?


For the kids

Brachiosaurus lamp

If you thought you didn’t need a brachiosaurus lamp in your life, think again! This is so cool I might just get one for myself! Any 10-year-old boy (or 43-year-old cat lady) would kill to have this!  $54.95. If dinosaurs aren’t your cup of tea, I Love Lights also have heaps of cute fairylights and actual lights with fairies on them and all kinds of other stuff. Get it here

Unicorn barf

Unicorn barf sprinkles – $25 for almost a quarter of a kilo (225g)of this brilliant colourful stuff. Because what kid doesn’t want a unicorn to vomit all over the cupcakes at their next party! Or just sprinkle it on their cereal at breakfast time #mumoftheyear #auntieoftheyear Get it here

For the blokes

Eiffel Tower plant frame

Eiffel Tower plant frame – an outrageous steal at 249 British pounds ($442 Aussie smackers). If you really loved that gardener in your life, you’d fork out for this metallic monstrosity. You know you want to… Get it here

I don’t know who Graham is or what he did but it sounds like he deserves this bear. If you have a Graham in your family who needs a swear bear like mama needs a glass of wine after the kids go to bed, this gift is for you. Customise with any message you like (really, ANY message) and prices appropriately start at $69. Get it here

For the toddlers

Gorgeous playsuit

Well that might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! These adorable little playsuits look hand-crafted so if you want to be really sneaky, you can claim you made it yourself! Priced at just $18 each, they’re too cute to pass up. Get it here


For the tiny tot with fashion on her (or his) mind, how about a pair of Schwings? Available in butterfly, Apollo style and a range of other glorious who-would-have-thought-of-it styles, these will add some zing to a boring pair of trainers. Favourite Aunt award coming up… $9.95 Get it here

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For the aunties and nannas

Box of Fudge

Do you love fudge? I know – what kind of a ridiculous question is that!!! Get all the fudge you can handle – cough, I mean… all the fudge your relatives can handle – with a box of delicious flavours like Baileys, chocolate and raspberry and cookies and cream… 16 glorious flavours for $35.50 Get it here

Ultimate gift box

Ultimate gift box of pretty natural smelly things for that person you either genuinely want to get something nice for or you can’t get away with teasing because they have no sense of humor! Bonus – it’s all hand-made from natural stuff in Australia and looks WAAAAAAY more expensive than it is at just $50.  Get it here

For the child/manchild

Bulls balls

For the boy/manchild who has everything… why not get him balls for Christmas? It’s a jinglebally time of year after all! And don’t just stop at bull’s balls. There are unicorn balls, blood balls, spew balls, snot balls, camel balls… You could get the whole collection as a stocking stuffer! #edible *shudder Get it here

Cat butt speech bubble stickers

Cat butt speech bubble stickers – just what every crazy cat lady needs! And at $4.50 for a sheet of 12, they’re an absolute bargain. Hell, lash out – buy two! Or go nuts and buy enough to wallpaper the entire loo.  Also suitable for children and immature blokes. Get it here

For the really tough ones

Vegan food wraps

If you’ve ever tried to shop for a vegan, you’ll know that look you get when you get it wrong. My family is full of vegans and vegetarians so it’s really important to nail this one! Take the sting out of gift-giving this year with this eco-friendly food wrap to replace all that cling wrap in the fridge… $24.95 Get it here

Bag of d***s (soaps and bath bombs)

Aaah the bag of dicks (yes, that’s really what it’s called – or if you prefer, little willy soaps and bath bombs!) Perfect for that annoying brother or slightly anxious single aunt (oh wait, that’s me…) Exercise caution with this gift because if they open it when nanna’s around, there could be  trouble. Or she might want it for herself… Comes in discreet packaging; 11 dicks for just $30, one giant soap and ten little bath bombs! Get it here

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